Lost My Sh*t Pants

Lost My Sh*t Pants

Overthinking. My mind is too loud/SS22

Each collection is created in light of a story & this one revolves around the mind of an overthinker. Confused, All over the place. A blend between utility and a lazy mind, the Lost My Sh*t pants. 
Why carry a bag & think so hard while we give you 12 pockets to confuse the Security at a Movie theatre/ Bouncer at a club,Lol.

Utilitarian and the best fit for you, Whoever you are. Literally. 
Now termed as the ‘Balav Pants’ ,this piece has been one of our best sellers since we were born & one of our evergreen classics for the hustler.

We offer to you Hermoine Granger’s bag in the for of a pant. Fits a Lifestyle.

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