• Saree To Street

    “The idea of clothes and innovation around garments came to me when I was really young. I remember my Tati (grandma) had made me a maroon velvet halter neck dress which was held at the back with a metal ring. Thats when I realised how important it is to think out of the box & not conform to what the world is doing. Balav is all about experiments & being unique.” - Vaishnavi Bala, Founder

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  • Conceptual Customs/ Srushti Tawade

    2 pairs of customs created for rapper Srushti Tawade for the Blurr music video alongside Tapsee Pannu. The garment concept revolves around human vision. A play with the idea of visual impairment distorted imagery to create a surreal and dreamlike quality.

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    Think oversized pieces in cool colourways, statement trousers, and conversation starter details such as raw edges and upturned pockets. Balav’s recent collaboration at ELLE Graduates 2022 for a fashion presentation with Crocs was a definite head-turning moment. Sharvari Wagh stole the spotlight in a chic, edgy pop colour ensemble. We’re in conversation with Bala.

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A Luxury Fashion house with an aim to create a safe space outside gender,societal norms.