Saree to Streetwear

Saree to Streetwear

 In a world that values sustainability and the preservation of tradition and culture, upcycling or breathing a new life into treasured pieces of heritage plays a strong role. A process of honoring the past, preserving the present & moving to a conscious and responsible future.

“The idea of clothes and innovation around garments came to me when I was really young. I remember my Tati (grandma) had made me a maroon velvet halter neck dress which was held at the back with a metal ring. Thats when I realised how important it is to think out of the box & not conform to what the world is doing. Balav is all about experiments & being unique.” - Vaishnavi Bala, Founder

This capsule is created using my Tati’s silk sarees to create modern day silhouettes and blending my cultural roots as a Tamilian to what my brand is about today. 


In the design process, 2 heritage sarees with a vibrant color palette have been repurposed & carefully deconstructed into fresh cuts, while preserving its key elements. The vibrant silk fabric, zari work & motifs are salvaged, ensuring the original essence of the saree is retained. This is blended with modern day elements that are key to the brand, such as oversized cuts, baggy pockets & statement styles. Threadwork and patchwork techniques have been incorporated to bring in the Balav fusion & these garments offer versatility and functionality. 

This transformation encourages a deeper appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and the stories behind every fabric. A step towards modern day fashion & a better future!


Team Credits-

Photographer - India Bharadwaj 

Models - Neeta Kishnani, Vedant Rao

Creative Director - Vaishnavi Bala 

Makeup Artist - Sanjita Shenoy

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